Tonta Video

Productions like the "Tonta" video are a lot of work, but when I hear from my fans how much it touched your lives, all the hard work is worth it!





As a thank-you, I'd like to invite you to join me in a behind-the-scenes in the making of the "Tonta" video.  Learn about set design, make-up, casting, video production and gain some insight on what the song means to me.  What you see on-screen is the product of many "takes" and the tireless efforts of the talented people behind the scenes that I will introduce you to in your private tour, so kick back, forget life's cares and let's have a look at my "Tonta" world!



So, let's start at the beginning with the characters in our mini-drama.  Getting every detail perfect just takes time.

The same attention to detail like hair, nails, costume must also be paid to the set and everything that falls under the camera's eye.  Nothing can be out of place and it takes many hands and eyes on the job to make all the pieces of the puzzle snap together just so.



And, of course, the pressure can mount.